Stained Glass Windows

Realizing stained glass is an art form as well as as engineering project, the artists of Michael Orchard Studio build windows in the same manner as the old world craftsmen,
Orchard Stained Glass artist Surprisingly, tools and techniques have changed little over the centuries. In fact, many glass suppliers can count their time in business in centuries rather then years. This dedication to the glass craft assures your new stained glass windows will become the treasured and valuable “old” stained glass windows for future generations to enjoy.

The longevity and quality of stained glass is only secondary to the beauty and reverence that stained glass windows evoke. Traditionally, window artistry has been designed to tell a story - biblical. commemorative or otherwise.

Michael Orchard will collaborate and guide you through the process of determining a direction and creating the images that best portray your chosen story. Drawing on the resources of talented artists and designers, Michael’s goal is to create a fine treasure for enjoyment and inspiration of this and many future generations.

“We take great pride in knowing our windows will touch so many lives, so many generations down the road. Few things manufactured today will be around a hundred years from now.”

Antique Light Restoration Antique Lighting Restoration and Sales

Read about the process and see fine examples of restored antique lighting. We ship throughout the United States.

Church Brass Restoration Church Brass

We have been restoring Church Altar pieces for over thirty years. Restoration includes removing old lacquer from aged and tarnished brass objects. Items are machine polished and re-lacquered using high quality lacquer insuring years of reflective use.

We restore Altar Crosses, Candle Holders, Collection Plates, Bible Stands, and many other miscellaneous brass silver and copper items.